Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) Commitment Statement

HSE stewardship is a principle commitment at South Louisiana Methanol (SLM).

SLM’s conduct will be centered on a sincere belief that all work related injuries, illnesses, and accidents are preventable. For us to be successful, each member of the SLM team must embrace our Zero Incidents goal.

Management’s role is to lead and steward the commitment to HSE protection processes. This will require a proactive approach in ensuring the use of safe work practices and the elimination of potential hazards by all SLM employees, contractors, and visitors. Management is accountable for:

  • Communicating to all employees and contractors the Zero Incidents goal
  • Establishing HSE objectives
  • Measuring and reporting performance
  • Assigning HSE responsibilities
  • Requiring that all employees and contractors utilize safe work practices
  • Ensuring appropriate HSE education and training for all employees
  • Continuous improvement of the HSE programs and policies
  • Investigating all incidents to determine corrective actions
  • Ensuring that SLM complies with all relevant legislation, codes, and regulations

Employees and contractors are responsible for their own safety and the safety of those with whom they work. Employees and contractors are accountable for:

  • Ensuring that no work task will take priority over HSE
  • Stopping any work that they believe is unsafe
  • Taking responsibility to achieve the Zero Incidents goal
  • Becoming familiar with and following established HSE procedures at all times
  • Taking time to safely perform each task
  • Actively participating in the HSE process
  • Immediately correcting or reporting all hazards

Ensuring good contractor safety performance is an integral part of SLM’s safety commitment. Contractors are accountable for the development and application of their HSE process while they are working on SLM sites. Safety will be incorporated as an integral part of all work planning, preparation, and execution. To accomplish this goal, Management will:

  • Utilize contractor selection and evaluation criteria which will allow the use of contractors with a demonstrated commitment to the HSE process
  • Hold fast to SLM’s HSE commitments and sharing these with our contractors and visitors
  • Communicate all appropriate information concerning known site specific hazards to our contractors
  • Ensure that contractors adopt, apply, and enforce all standards, practices, and procedures that are implemented to protect the safety and health of people and the environment

Paul Moore
Chief Executive Officer
South Louisiana Methanol, LLC