Our Environmental Vision

“We will operate in an environmentally responsible manner”

We Believe That:

  • Our environmental commitments are an Integral part of our day to day activities
  • We are responsible for achieving good environmental practices
  • We can have a positive Impact on our operating environment
  • Environmental stewardship is the responsibility of all employees

To Achieve This We Will:

  • Maintain and continually improve our Health, Safety and Environmental Management System
  • Proactively Identify hazards and unsafe behavior and take all reasonable and practicable measures to mitigate such hazards and unsafe behavior Set targets for Improvement and measure, appraise and report on our performance
  • Continually review opportunities to improve our environmental performance
  • Ensure employees have the necessary training, skills, knowledge and resources to fulfill their environmental responsibilities
  • Efficiently use our natural and physical resources
  • Design, construct, and maintain our assets, and manage our operations. with the goal of preventing environmental incidents
  • Require our business partners and contractors to demonstrate a similarly high level of commitment to environmental performance
  • Comply with all relevant environmental laws and regulations

Paul Moore
Chief Executive Officer
South Louisiana Methanol, LP