St. James Parish Project

SLM is in advanced stages of developing a world scale Methanol project in St. James Parish, Louisiana.

The project will convert 180,000 MMBTU per day of natural gas into 5,300 metric tons per day (“MTPD”) of methanol for delivery to the United States Gulf Cost petrochemicals market and potentially overseas markets.

The project site in south Louisiana is situated at the nexus of North American petrochemicals production and prolific natural gas plays in Louisiana and Texas, with access to world-class transportation infrastructure, and interstate and intrastate natural gas pipelines.

SLM – St. James Parish

  • Nameplate capacity production of up to 1.92 million metric tons per annum (“MMTPA”)
  • Proven methanol technology based off of existing operating facility; proven CO2 recapture technology
  • Front end engineering design completed
  • Title V Air Permit has been received
  • Strategically located on the Mississippi River in St. James Parish, Louisiana between Baton Rouge and New Orleans
  • Seven natural gas pipelines exist within a five mile radius
  • Location on the Mississippi River provides access for both barges and deep water vessels
  • Land buttressed and with access to major highway and rail line

St James Project Map

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